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Program Details

Learn a little bit about what I have to offer for your child and your family as a whole. Transparency is how we build the best supportive community for your child.



For a child, music is a collective experience with their peers. They are allowed to express themselves and find the beat to their own drum! We have a music teacher that comes twice a month for the children to sing songs and brings different instruments for the children to experiment with. In our program we often have songs of the month that we let parents know about in the monthly announcements. 


Yoga teaches children about body awareness. Body awareness allows for a child to take better control of their actions and be more aware of their space. It helps the child feel calmer in times of stress and contributes to better control of gross motor skills.
We have a yoga teacher that comes teaches the children for an hour long session twice a month.

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We have a theme for the books of the month (usually an author, illustrator, or overall common theme of the books). A list is sent out in the monthly announcement email of the books that we are reading to the children in the day care. Books go home in their homework bags Monday-Thursday. 
We also send home sight word flash cards when the child is ready to read on their own. 


Writing is a process that we encourage children to refine as early as possible. They begin by experimenting with different fine motor activities, then to figuring which hand they feel most comfortable using, then drawing lines (both controlled and uncontrolled), then circles, etc. By the age of 2 years old, some children will begin to practice writing the first letter of their names. From there, they learn to write their full name, last name, and uppercase, lowercase letters of the alphabet, and numbers. 

They also take homework sheets in order to practice writing at home.


I have children practice basic counting from the moment they can start trying to speak. From there, we do basic addition with plenty of visual aids and materials. We often take this opportunity to practice their fine motor skills with tweezers and pencils.

Bilingual- English & Spanish

We speak to all children in both English and Spanish. Often times they will go home learning a few vocabulary words in Spanish, repeating words and phrases in Spanish that we use every day during every day activities.
If families speak an additional language at home, we encourage the child to express themselves in that language at day care as well; parents must share the words/ phrases with providers so that we may understand the child and meet their needs accordingly.


Based on the books we read every month, we have new vocabulary words. Because we speak English and Spanish to the children, they will also often times repeat common words and phrases in both languages that they hear on a daily basis!
When we feel the child is ready, we send flash cards with sight words to increase their vocabulary; books are send in their homework bag throughout the week.

Arts, Crafts, & Projects

I offer a variety of art projects and crafts every day. Most of the time they will be in relation to a holiday or celebration of the month. We also have projects that relate to the book theme of the month.

Sensory Play & Activities

Young children learn about the world around them through a variety of sensory-based activities and experiences. I present new fun and creative ways for children to experience the different elements, textures, and tastes through free play and teacher led activities.

Homework Activities AKA Parent-Child Time

Monday-Thursday individualized age-appropriate homework is sent home in custom made Ms. Ana's House Homework bags! They go home as soon as I believe the child is ready. Usually "homework" will begin as age-appropriate stories and books. The purpose of homework from Ms. Ana's House is to 1) guide parents in supporting their child's education 2) involve the parent in their child's education 3) create and educational bonding time between parent and child and 4) for child to learn, create, and develop new skills that are reinforced at home. Parent participation is crucial in every aspect here at Ms. Ana's House-- we not only care for your child, but we care about your families.

Potty Training

I begin the potty training process around the time a child reaches 16/17 months (or when they show interest). The process fully takes off during the summer time because we have a lot of outdoor time and water play activities. Parents are expected to do their part during weekends, holidays, and vacations to assist in the potty training process.