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Personal Reviews

I am a first time mom, and I was so worried about sending my little one who is 11 months to daycare. I had a nanny 5/6 hours a day 5 days a week, but she was unable to work the hours I needed due to her own childcare issue. I found Ana on Yelp, and reached out to her. She sent a very informative email back, and I called her to set up a tour that same day. What I liked so much during the tour was how well organized everything was at the house, and the space is great, play space, big backyard with a slide and swings, etc. My little one is now on her second week of daycare, and she doesn’t even cry when I leave. She’s too anxious to socialize and see what everyone else is doing. I love that the kids have a schedule, activities like yoga & music. The homemade food is amazing, as I’m often in the kitchen when Ana is cooking and I can tell you my little one eats better here than she does at home. My little one is currently the youngest, but she is very well taken care of as I’ve stopped by and seen the teachers holding her since she cannot walk v. well yet. She has progressed a lot in just a week as she’s taking more and more steps by herself, and she’s even eating with a fork and not throwing her plate on the ground anymore. They keep notebooks about the kids’ activities like bowel/pee, food, nap, etc. There are also activities like an upcoming Halloween potluck where you can meet the parents. Overall, I couldn’t be happier about my little one being here.
— Jiemei Geng

Ana & the girls are great! LOVE this place. They take really good care of the kids and always have tons of singing/dancing/learning time throughout the day. Don’t be surprised if your child comes home with new words and a mastery of the ABC’s. The food/snacks are healthy and yummy and there’s an awesome mini playground in the back. Can’t say enough good things about them, we were really lucky to find. Thanks, Ana!
— Carl Kocis
We have loved having our son at Ana’s. Our very first impression when we toured the place was incredibly positive and it has completely lived up to that first impression. They do a great job here of giving the kids a safe, warm environment to learn, grow, and play with each other. You really get the sense that Ana genuinely cares about all the kids and we couldn’t be happier here.
— Peter Kimball
I can’t tell you what a gift Ana and her daycare have been. She has helped raise all of my five kids over the span of 14 years! That speaks volumes. I don’t know what I would have done without her. Her daycare is cheerful,clean, has a home feel, the staff is super caring and trustworthy, the food is homemade, and Ana is a great teacher. Reading, writing, math, art, trips, holiday parties, water play, crafts, special guests, exercise, potty training, manners, name it and she masters it. This is the place you want to bring your child to. I just had my last child and I would travel the extra 30 minutes in the opposite direction from work just to ensure my baby is cared for properly by Ana! If you’d like more information, feel free to message me for a glowing reference!
— Janelle Navarro

We are so lucky and blessed we discovered Ana’s childcare and I can’t tell you how much we love Ana and her team. My daughter started there when she was 14 months just after we moved to LA. And my son started when he was 3 months. Ana is such a wonderful person: a great teacher and mon, passionate, caring, super organized and dedicated to kids. Her house offers a cozy environment for children to grow and learn in a safe, quiet and very clean environment with a lovely backyard. My kids have been so happy with Anna and her fabulous team. They learned so much. Music, writing, reading, plenty of creative projects, yoga...but also respect, politeness, generosity and much more. Hours are perfect for working parents. Delicious lunches are also provided. Ana was like the family we didn’t have in LA. It’s probably the best daycare you would find in West LA. I trust her with my heart.
— Amelie Naegelen

We have sent our daughter here since she was 4 months old and plan to send our next one soon. In our opinion, Ana runs the best daycare in LA. She has literally helped us raise our daughter who thanks to Ms. Ana was potty-trained by 2 1/2, writing letters of her name by the same age, understanding spanish and learned tons of manners.

It is a strong routine-based program that for kids 2 and up basically functions like a pre-school with homework assignments and art projects. She also has received independent grants to teach pre-school kids specific curriculum. She is great with babies and we had zero safety concerns.

This was way more than we could have hoped for in a daycare. Ana is part of our family now and would recommend her highly to anyone who asks.
— Jason Hinman
I love this place, and more importantly, my kids love this place. Both of my girls have been attending this daycare since they were infants and it has been a wonderful experience for all of us. Ms. Ana is knowledgable, her staff are loving and kind, and the kids are all sweet, happy, and fun.
My favorite things about this place:
1. daily schedule that is consistant, but not boring for the kids
2. great indoor and outdoor play areas with tons of space, equipment, and toys for all ages (infant to kinder age). the areas are clean and safe.
3. enrichment programs such as music and yoga arranged by Ms. Ana with professional instructors who come in once a week to work with the kids
4. daily art and light academics (my 3 year old already write almost all her letters, writes her name on her own, can do some basic addition, and many more things that I have not taught her!)
5. Ms. Ana works with the family to create a safe and happy environment for your child.
6. lots of great home cooked meals. my kids eat breakfast, lunch and snack at Ana’s.
7. lots of physical activities including time in the yards, walks around the neighborhood, and time at the local park (walking distance)
8. The families all get to know each other and Ana has get togethers for special occasions like Easter and Christmas, and she makes the best Pupusas!!
— Jane Kim
My 9 month old daughter has been under Ana’s care since she was 10 weeks old. Ana and her helpers are great. They are caring, nurturing, and very dependable. I had a very difficult time finding a place that I really liked before going to back to work. It was very stressful. I am very grateful to have found Ana.

My little one is still too young for the toddler activities. But I think they do yoga, have music time, and Ana sits with the bigger girls and works on the alphabet, math, and arts and crafts. They go on walks every day (weather permitting), and they seem to have lots of fun.

If you are interested in a referral please ask Ana for Lorena’s phone number. I would be more than happy to answer any questions from another mom.
— Lorena Nakagawa
Ana and her ladies are the best ever. I had to go back to work when the baby was only 3 1/2 months old. It was hard at first, but after a few days I started to feel very secure with Ana. She treats the kids like her own. We recently moved to the East coast and had to say goodbye...not fun! Our son absolutely loved being in her care- his face lit up whenever we dropped him off (and he also didn’t want to leave some days). All in all - we hit the jackpot finding Ana! We miss her dearly :(
— Nila Pearson

Ana’s child daycare is absolutely fantastic! We enrolled our son when he was 1.5 years old and he still continues to go there at 3.5.
Ana and her incredible staff have taught our son so much more than I could have imagined. Everything from helping him to potty train, to counting in English and Spanish to writing his name and much more.
Ana’s very low staff-student ratio allows for all the kids to really get the undivided attention and help they need at such a crucial age.
Ana incorporates so many things into each day, she is much much more than a daycare. Her home has the perfect set up, different rooms inside the house with a beautiful, completely private and fenced in backyard play area. Ana cooks homemade breakfast and lunch, and provides healthy snacks for the children everyday. Our son eats so many healthy and diverse foods as a result. He brings home homework every night and weekly art projects. Ana arranges for music and yoga teachers once a week that my son and the other kids all really enjoy!
We are from the east coast and do not have family here to help raise our son. Ana and her team are family to us and we could not do it without her! The only hard part is trying to get our son to leave at the end of the day, he absolutely loves it at Ana’s!
— Veronica McElroy

My daughter is 16 mo old and has been attending Ana’s since she was 12 months! Ana and her team (Elvira and Vicky) are WONDERFUL. Caring, thoughtful, and playful with the children! This is a mixed age, home day care. The home is set up perfectly for different age groups and zones of play. The kids get home cooked meals (breakfast, lunch, and snacks - delicious! My daughter loves the food so much they’ve sent leftovers home a few times with us for the weekend and trust me, the food is great). They are open roughly between 7:30am-5:30pm but you basically have a running clock starting when you sign in, in the morning, for 9 hours. (They’re flexible if you have weird schedule needs but that’s the set up, at least). They have fun activities for the kids, and encourage new skills (for my daughter, the focus has been walking, eating with utensils, etc).

This daycare is so fantastic - its like a little family and I really appreciate the bonds that my daughter has formed with the other children and her caregivers. If you are located nearby (I’m guessing you live somewhere in the area or its on your route to work if you’ve found Ana’s Yelp page), I highly recommend visiting Ana’s for a meeting and tour. I looked at a lot of local daycare options and many of them are great BUT what drew me in was the homey atmosphere, here. It didn’t feel sterile and super hip and modern, or in-your-face educational (although my daughter has learned a LOT while there). They’re just focused on letting the kids play and learn in a nurturing environment. Most days at drop off my daughter is PSYCHED to be there and greet her friends! And at pick up ... oh geez, some evenings she’s not happy that I’m taking her away!

If you’re in the market for a new daycare solution, definitely give Ana an email or call and set up a tour. Your children will be loved and well cared for when not with you!
— Jami Burke