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When I was a new parent, I wanted to go back to school and get to work as soon as possible to provide for my new bundle of joy. I was going to school, studying to be an elementary school teacher, and also working as a teacher assistant at an elementary school at the time. I put her in the day care closest to my home, not knowing anything about what goes into creating a quality environment for an infant or any child 0-5 years old. Not long afterwards, an incident happened. My 8 month old daughter had a fever of over 100 degrees and the day care provider had no idea about it, let alone thought to call me. I had to taker her to the emergency room and it was the scariest experience of my life. Especially as a new parent. 

It was an eye opening experience. Just because it is conveniently close to home does not make it the most suitable place for your precious little cargo. Just because it is expensive does not make it the best place for your child. That is why when I decided to open my own facility, my personal motto became "Be the ideal caregiver I would trust my child with." When your child is with me, they become my children. I create a bond with every single child who comes under my care and it is heartbreaking when it is time to start transitioning them to the next level in their educational lives. However, there has never been a family that has said that I do the bare minimum. I go above and beyond, challenging each child, encouraging their strengths and strengthening their weaknesses. I teach the INDIVIDUAL because I know not every child learns the exact same way or at the same speed. Every child is unique and I use that to their advantage when learning new skills and material.

I believe I bring an exceptional level of enthusiasm, passion, dedication, and love that makes the children under my care thrive in a playful, fun, educational environment. The environment I create for parents is one of acceptance and learning from one another. Everyone becomes like one big family, a big loving community.

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Ms. Ana's House FCC knows that finding the right day care to raise your child is NOT a choice to be taken lightly. That’s why we offer tours and a two week trial period if you decide to officially give it a try. We do our best in meeting every child's individual needs, from fostering their individual skills to engaging in their critical thinking and problem solving tactics. 

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Facility Director/ Licensed Child Care Provider

Ana Melgar

Hello! My name is Ana Melgar. I am the licensed provider and the owner of Ms. Ana's House FCC. I opened a facility to take care of children because I believed I could do it better than the places I had experienced as a first-time parent. I have always had a passion for working with and teaching children. Little did I know I would be working with children 0-5 years old when I was young and studying to become an elementary school teacher! I have been in business for 20 years and have never had a family dissatisfied with my services. The children under my care are guaranteed to be potty trained and ahead of their peers academically when they enter the school system. Their vocabulary, writing skills, and ability to do mathematics excel their peers'. Why? Because I believe in teaching the individual. No two children are exactly the same, so why teach them that way? 



Elvira Valle

 Elvira has been working at Ms. Ana's House FCC since 2011. She is CPR/ First Aid Certified. She is a master of care and transitioning children from one activity to the next. She aids the children in homework assignments, play, and all art projects that Ms. Ana plans!


Caregiver / Administrative Assistant

Barbara Betancourt

Barbara is Ms. Ana's daughter and has grown up in her mother's day care since day 1! She is CPR/ First Aid/ AED Certified, has 15 college credits in Early Childhood Education and a natural caregiver! While she does often help with the children, her main responsibilities are administrative-- that means connecting and updating parents through email announcements, text messages/phone calls, answering any emails or business inquiries, updating social media, etc. (Yes, this is the person also putting all the information on this website.) She is also our personal photographer for the day care!