Ms. Ana's House FCC
LIC# 197413712

Enrollment Process

Enrollment FAQ

Inquire About Availability

Because of the limited availability in my facility, you need to inquire about availability of spaces before scheduling a tour.

INFANT tours are ONLY held 4-6 weeks before a spaces' availability date, due their limited availability (only 4 per facility).

Schedule A Tour

Once you have inquired about space availability, you can go ahead an schedule a tour within the 4-6 week time frame. It is recommended you visit several facilities before deciding which environment you feel is best for you and  your child.

All of my tours are held from 5:30-6pm. If it is a working day before  a holiday, then appointments will be from 3-3:30pm.

It is HIGHLY recommended that you come with all parent/guardians and child(ren). When the child is around, we can get a better idea of whether the family and caregiver will be a good fit to create the ideal environment for the child/children.

Confirm Your Interest

You must let us know that you are choosing us as your first choice. 

Remember that spaces are limited and are given on a first come, first serve basis. This means that whoever shows interest in my facility will be given paperwork to fill out and a deadline. If a deposit, enrollment fee, contract, and other forms are turned in, the space is secured for your family.

Receive Forms

Yes! You have confirmed your interest ! Congratulations on choosing my program! I will do my best to serve your child's needs, encourage their problem-solving and critical thinking skills, build on their gross and fine motor skills, and create a learning space fit for every individual learner!

I will be sending you, and a few other interested families, all the enrollment forms and contract as well as a due date to hand them in. Whoever turns in all the forms, contract, deposit, and enrollment fee, and two week tuition for the trial period  FIRST will be getting the space.

Turn in Forms, Contract, Deposit,  Enrollment Fee & Two Weeks Tuition

You are proceeding at a lightning pace and have turned everything in! Thank You!

Now that everything has been turned in, you are ready to start on the 2 week trial period! We always start the 2 week trial period on a Monday.

Two Week Trial Period

Now that you have turned everything in, we are ready to proceed into the 2 week trial period. 

The two week trial period is a process. The first week is not full time. It is

M+T: 4 hrs         W+Th: 6 hours         F: Full day

Second week is completely full time. 

After the 2 week trial period, we sit down and have a discussion about how the 2 weeks went. Depending on how well it went, we will either continue with care or terminate care.
In cases o termination, you are only entitled to your deposit refunded in full. Enrollment fee and two weeks tuition is non refundable.